iSignthis: SEPA Instant Upgrade & ISO27001 Re-Certification

iSignthis: SEPA Instant Upgrade & ISO27001 Re-Certification

Melbourne 11th June 2020.

• ISXPay®’s SEPA Instant now certified for €100k transaction limit
• Probanx® features SEPA-Instant Instant Notifications (SIIN) as an alternative to cards

iSIgnthis Ltd (“The Company”) is pleased to advise that it has met its certification requirements
with the Central Bank of Lithuania for SEPA Instant thresholds to be lifted from €15,000 per
transaction to €100,000 per transaction limit, as from 1st July 2020.

SEPA instant is cleared between sender and beneficiary accounts within 15 seconds of
confirmed transmission.

The Probanx® CORE Banking platform has been enhanced to provide real time notifications via
API to our customers CRM’s, cashiers, trading platforms or ecommerce carts upon receipt of a
SEPA instant payment into an account held with iSignthis. This further enhances the ecosystem
comprising Paydentity™, ISXPay® and Probanx®.

The SEPA-Instant Instant Notification (SIIN) is a viable alternative to card scheme payments, as
it allows merchants to update payment status instantly within their system, upon receipt of
funds. Typically, banking systems require reconciliation of transactions via batch updates to
CRM’s, cashiers, trading platforms or ecommerce carts, as opposed to cards and SIIN which
provide real time notifications.

The benefits of SEPA instant include advantages over cards such as instantly cleared and
settled funds versus deferred card payment settlement, no chargebacks and reduced fees for

Customer funds are held at iSignthis settlement account at the Central Bank, which is integrated
to SEPA Core credit transfer and offers no value limit per transaction with multiple batch
windows per day.


iSignthis Ltd is also pleased to disclose that it has been re-certified to ISO / IEC 27001
Information Security Management System, for management of personal data of its end user

The ISO27001 audit was conducted by BSI, and complements the Company’s Payment Card
Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 accreditation for all major card schemes
which was recently recertified in March 2020.

The Company’s Probanx® core banking systems also comply with APRA CPS234, and the
security and open banking requirements of the European Union as required under the Payment
Services Directive.

Authorised by N J (John) Karantzis, Managing Director